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The Androids are an Australian Power Pop band who had huge international success in the early 00’s when Teenage Dirt Bags ruled the world and Stacey’s Mom had it going on.


Pop Punk was the mainstream with Good Charlotte, Greenday, Blink 182 and more ruling the airways and The Androids were Australias homegrown answer to the movement having huge success in the U.K, USA, Europe and at home.


Fronted by guitarist/vocalist Tim Henwood who was a member of 90’s Commercial Grunge act The Superjesus prior and 00’s Electro Pop band Rogue Traders post Androids. With fellow members Sam Grayson, Matt Tomlinson and Marty Grech. Their 2002 debut single, "Do It With Madonna", was an instant international hit and found the band touring Australia and internationally to huge audiences. The bands second and third singles, "Here She Comes" and "Brand New Life" were both top 20 singles and their self-titled album debuted at #36 on the ARIA Albums Chart.


The music video for "Do it With Madonna", which featured drag queens dressed as Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Pink, Kylie Minogue and Madonna, the song's namesake, was and still is one of the all time classics from the Pop Punk era.


After touring the globe from late 2002 through 2004, the band headed in to the studio to record the follow up album Outta Ya Mind. Once recording had finished The Androids signed a new worldwide deal with Sony, released the acclaimed single Whole Lotta Love and quickly headed out on the road supporting Pink on her massive I'm Not Dead tour spending months on the road and playing to more than half a million people!


Since then Henwood has reconnected with his inner Flannel wearing Grunge era self and reunited with The Superjesus for a reunion tour and also started performing with the reformed original lineup of Rogue Traders. So it seems only right that he reconnect with his inner Skater Boy and get The Androids back together to have some REAL fun.

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