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Actor, Producer, Creator, TV personality, Musician, Corporate Comedian & all round Entertainer! 

George Kapiniaris is one of this country’s best loved comedy, music and TV stars – having had an incredible impact on Australian popular culture over the last thirty plus years. George is an outstanding Australian comedian, an actor in musical theatre and a popular television personality. He is also an accomplished MC, known for his ability to quickly have his audiences "eating out of his hands".


Ever since George claimed fame in a star role in Wogs Out of Work, he has had an extraordinary impact on our popular culture. Labelled as a pioneer of ethnic humour in Australia right from the start, his Greek heritage continues to inspire the roles he takes on and his comedic performances.

“What more can you say about George Kapiniaris that hasn’t already been said…the guy is an incredible talent….the way he manipulates and seduces people into fits of laughter is masterful to say the least…..hilarious, side splitting, a treat” Beat Magazine

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